Monday, November 1, 2010

Notepad Synopsis

Joe Allen
Notepad Synopsis

I'm on a Boat

     I designed my notepad around a song called I'm on a Boat by the lonely island club.  The song was originally a skit on Saturday Night Live and now is a huge internet sensation.  My goal from designing this notepad was to reach out to high school students and show them a cool simple student design.  I used a lot of white space and didn't include and lines and I feel like my message was clearly displayed.

     My target audience for this project was high school students and also college students. The design was a simple gorilla sitting in a boat with a oar in his hand.  The picture was drawn by a friend of mine and I got his agreement to use it on the notepad. I picked a font that looked like it would be on the side of a boat to put the U.S.S. Pitt State and property of GIT.  The property of GIT idea came from clothing lines that use it as their tag line.  

     I believe that my target audience was reached well because I was showing the notepad to my sister who is a high school student and she liked it a lot.  She was hoping I could get her a notepad that she could show some of her friends at school. The funny thing is I showed my 5 year old brother and he liked it as well.  I believe he liked it because of all the white space on the gorilla and he could color it.  

     I have given these notepads out to family members and friends they all seam to like it. Hopefully it will get out to some prospective Pitt State students and will make them want to come check out the GIT department at the school.

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