Wednesday, December 15, 2010

68th annual Four State Regional Conference

I attended the 68th annual Four State Regional Conference and went to see Cagatay Celebioglu talk on his game he helped create called Imp Escape.  Celebioglu along with 2 friends created Imp Escape for the iPhone.  Celebioglu talked a lot about how web is dead and everything is now apps, to get your news you have a news app that brings it right up, same for emails, internet radio, and social media networks.  Practically everything you could want to do on the internet is now an app.
  Apple is the biggest app company with an astonishing 300,000 apps and still growing strong, the new Android market is coming up fast though with 100,000 apps and growing, Blackberry comes in 3rd with 10,000, and the Palm phones have 18 apps that they offer.  With these hundreds of thousands of apps there is only around 30,000 developers.  The average person with a smart phone will spend $4.30 a month on apps.
  Celebioglus game Imp Escape was a side scrolling game where you made the terrain as your Imp ran along it.  Celebioglus was the graphic designer behind the project and it took him and his two friends 8 months to make it.  This was the second app that they had made.  In the first two weeks it had 5,000 downloads at 0.99 per download.  This was pretty good for only two weeks, and they made the yahoo news page.  They are hopping to get the downloads to around 100,000. You can see the trailers for Imp Escape and their other app at and also download Imp Escape at the iTunes store.


Rough Draft

Final Project Synopsis

  My final project was a brochure for the 2011 Baja competition.  I decided to do this project because my brother has been in Baja for 4 years at Pittsburg State and he is also one of the main people helping with the event, and I plan to stay and help with it as well.  I have always been interested in the Baja team seeing all of my brothers pictures and this project gave me a chance to have a part in it.
  The design I came up with is small when folded up and has important information right on the inside cover, it opens like a book and than folds upward to reveal the team name and numbers, you fold it open on both sides and it reveals a map of Pittsburg and a list of local restaurants and places where teams could find parts.  I wanted an easy to read, easy to find needed items type of brochure.  On the back back when it is folded up I included some special thanks to my friend Aaron Hamilton who drew up the logo that i designed, and Pittsburg State for holding the event, and also all the volunteers that are going to make this event possible.
  My target audience is all the teams that would be coming to the event and also all the people coming to spectate.  The brochure would not only include a map of all of Pittsburg but also a closer map of where the events would be held with a schedule of events next to it.  The brochure flows very well from page to page with information.   To get these mass produced it would cost 0.7725/each.  It is a 12 by 18 inch color design with a quarter of an inch bleed an is two sided.

Direct Mail Synopsis

  My direct mail piece was designed around gamers and 2 different gaming websites available to them. I picked for the ladies in my group and for the males. The websites are completely different on the types of games available on each one. has more user friendly games where you can pick from a lot of web based games and you don't have to have an account or make a profile. is a site that has large games that you have to download and make profiles for and take a lot of time to play them.  
   For the males postcard on the front the picture is my roommate holding his computer taken from a birds eye view and set in a duotone green. I took the picture and put it into photoshop and made him a clipping mask, I than changed him to black and white and than finally to duotone green.  The females postcard has a picture of my neighbor Sarah holding an Xbox controller also shot from a birds eye view.  This picture was set in duotone green as well.  On the back of both the postcards is a picture of Sarah and Jared with xbox controllers shot head on and it is set in a duotone green as well.
  My audience I was shooting for was high school, and college age people who like to play video games.  The pictures I took illustrate two different ways you can game and I think did a good job at grabbing the audiences attention. 
  Since my 3 images were put in a duotone green I made the type a green type and on the corners there is a green layer with white type. I feel that the colors make it flow together very well.