Monday, November 1, 2010

Newspaper Synopsis

Joe Allen
Digital File Prep
Newspaper Add

     Casey Donahew Band

     My newspaper add was done for a Casey Donahew Band concert that I was promoting.  It was a 5" by 9.67" add that would run only one day and cost approximately 100 dollars using my whole budget up. I like the idea of one very large add because I feel like it grabs the attention better than a lot of small adds.

     The add would be in black and white and the picture in the middle was hand drawn and scanned in, I than put it into photoshop turned it into a black and white image and than placed it into InDesign.  I picked a type that looked like a western style for the band logo and the rest I used a plain font that I found in our font library.  Next to the main part of the logo I used a font called it_sweet_nothings and got the two guns I used. I liked the use of a stroke type and reverse type on the add.
     My target audience was college students and red dirt country music fans.  The price of an average Casey Donahew Band concert ticket is around 20 dollars at the door and 15 pre-ordered.  This may seam a little pricey for some college students but I feel like if they are a true red dirt country fan and get to see Casey Donahew in Pittsburg than I don't believe this would be a problem.  

     My call to action was for people to come out buy a ticket, on the day or before hand, and to enjoy some red dirt country music.  Also if they are at the bar to buy some drinks and support the band.  

     I believe that the add does a good job pulling people in with the picture of the two revolvers and the picture of the guitar. Both of the guns point at the ONE NIGHT ONLY text and really shows you what is going on early.


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