Monday, November 1, 2010

Gap Logo Fiasco

Joe Allen
Digital File Prep
Gap Logo
     In researching the gap logo I have seen both sides of the argument. On one side the old logo was plain and boring and needed an upgrade. On the other side the new logo was plain and boring and had a floating box in the corner that most people didn't understand.
     Many people have said that Gap needed a change seeing how their logo has been the same for 4 decades. And to further their company they needed to revitalize their name and get a change of pace. Although they were taking a step in the right direction, they actually took a step back. The logo change was a good idea but the new logo looked like it was designed in ms word. They should have gotten input from consumers and threw some test logos out there before changing it completely.
     Gap has done what a lot of companies wish they could do, they have a multibillion dollar internationally recognized company. Everyone knew the old logo and recognized it. The all caps tall letters in a blue square. It isn't anything flashy or crazy but everyone knew it. I think that they should definitely change their logo but do a lot of research and find something that everyone likes. They could make their company ever more big by putting out something everyone liked. I read a little bit that some people thought that it might just be a big marketing campaign to get everyone talking about the Gap. This seams a little far fetched because they lost a lot of money changing the logo back and forth, people where talking a lot about the Gap but I don't think that would be enough to mess something up that big just to make people talk.
     Personally I don't mind the new logo. It's boring yes but so was the previous one. I never have liked the old logo because the letters are all stretched and it was just to boring. I wouldn't mind doing some designs up and submitting them to Gap because I think that our class could easily design something better than what they put out. Gap needs to have a contest for people to enter designs. That could bring in a lot of designs and a lot of talk about the Gap raising peoples interest also.

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