Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Project Synopsis

  My final project was a brochure for the 2011 Baja competition.  I decided to do this project because my brother has been in Baja for 4 years at Pittsburg State and he is also one of the main people helping with the event, and I plan to stay and help with it as well.  I have always been interested in the Baja team seeing all of my brothers pictures and this project gave me a chance to have a part in it.
  The design I came up with is small when folded up and has important information right on the inside cover, it opens like a book and than folds upward to reveal the team name and numbers, you fold it open on both sides and it reveals a map of Pittsburg and a list of local restaurants and places where teams could find parts.  I wanted an easy to read, easy to find needed items type of brochure.  On the back back when it is folded up I included some special thanks to my friend Aaron Hamilton who drew up the logo that i designed, and Pittsburg State for holding the event, and also all the volunteers that are going to make this event possible.
  My target audience is all the teams that would be coming to the event and also all the people coming to spectate.  The brochure would not only include a map of all of Pittsburg but also a closer map of where the events would be held with a schedule of events next to it.  The brochure flows very well from page to page with information.   To get these mass produced it would cost 0.7725/each.  It is a 12 by 18 inch color design with a quarter of an inch bleed an is two sided.

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